Attract attention right from the beginning

Your hotel picture on the homepage of



Whether it's a new customer surfing our website for the first time or regular customers who have been using our service for years, they all come to our home page first!

Buy the seminargo Teaser for a week or longer and present your hotel right from the start. Customers are always looking for new hotels, convince yourself already on our homepage!


  • price per week: € 300,- excl. VAT.


That's what we need:

  • 1-2 high-quality hotel photos (exterior view, meeting room, ...)
  • desired period (freely selectable - depending on availability)

We will gladly take care of the rest for you!

Write us an e-mail!

Please note that this offer is reserved for "partner of seminargo"-hotels.


"The first impression counts - place your hotel picture on our homepage".

Milica Sosic, Manager Hotel Sales