Digital Invitation Management
More efficiency and success for your events.


Have you already booked the appropriate location for your event or meeting on So you are one step further in organizing your event.


Now follows the invitation to your guests with all information about the event, program, dates, directions to the hotel as well as a registration possibility, etc. A structured invitation management is a comprehensive task. That's why we offer a professional solution with Invitario.


Software for professional invitation management 

With Invitario, inviting, registering and receiving guests is easy, fast and secure. Implemented in your corporate design, sent via your e-mail address and with the highest standards in data protection.


►  Manage all your events and guests on a platform. So you can keep track of them at all times.

►  Use your tablet or smartphone to check-in your guests.




Get more from your invitation management


A solution for all your events
Bring the invitation management of all your events on Invitario. This provides a better overview and increases the efficiency of your team.


Invite guests online quickly and safely
Within a few minutes, create a new event, and send personalized invitations via email. Guest feedback is provided via a registration form on your event website.


100% in your corporate design
With just a few clicks you customize the design of the mailings and event website to your corporate or event design. In addition, you can specify the email address for sending your mailings as well as the URL of your event website


For free and paid events
With Invitario you have a complete solution for the implementation of free and paid events. With the integrated online payment, you will receive payments by credit card, immediately transfer or invoice.


Digital check-in at the event
Record your guests quickly and securely by name or scan of a QR code. Our app for Apple ipad and iphone can be used on any number of stations with or without Internet connection.


Personal support

Benefit from the support of a personal contact partner.









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