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Use our domain authority and bring the link to your website (menu item: conference or seminar) to the front of search engines.

We set the backlink to the target page, so the link will be more relevant for future search queries and will also be ranked further in front. With a backlink from seminargo you occupy with your hotel e.g. the keyword "meeting hotel +place", one of the most frequent inquiry combinations of conference hotel searchers! This way you can stand out from your competitors.


The price for a Highlevel Backlink depends on many factors, as well as the active servicing by seminargo.

Price for a Highlevel Backlink is € 300,-* per month.


* Regardless of duration and price, a one-time set-up fee of € 160,-* will be charged. If you extend the backlink 1 month before expiration, the set-up fee is waived.

  If the extension takes place at a later date, the above mentioned set-up fee will be charged again. All prices are plus VAT.





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