Become a seminargo hotel partner


No more writing offers!
The customer can put together his individual package according to his needs. The system delivers a price immediately - selectable in net or gross. The only thing you must do on the hotel side is to accept or reject the request. Each enterprise can book your seminar hotel now online.

Why seminargo?

  • your advantages at a glance
  • new customers & large booking volume
  • the large number of customers who appreciate the new booking system gives you access to many new and large customers
  • you save time
  • never writing offers again. For inquiries via the booking system, simply select "Yes, I offer" or "No, I refuse"
  • first-class support
  • seminargo is your contact for everything
  • always well informed
  • the customer configures all key event data in advance so that you can make all preparations for a successful seminar
  • less effort
  • seminargo creates the invoices for you using the self-billing procedure. (Premium booking system)
  • no reminders and no non-payment
  • you will receive payment 30 days after the release of the event automatically. (Premium booking system)
  • we'll stay with it for you
  • we are in constant contact with our customers and forward any open questions to you

"Simplify the answering of your seminar requests with seminargo."

Milica Sosic, Head of Hotel Sales


What is your risk?
  • None! Literally zero.
  • You do not block any capacities, as you approve or reject in case of an event
  • Rates already published can be changed at any time (except for bookings already made)
  • You can deposit several prices, e.g. seasonal prices or fair prices
  • You can reject the request at any time or upload an alternative offer
  • In the public version, customers book at their regular sales rates (rack rate)
  • In the public version, the contract is created between you - the seminar hotel - and the customer

"We take care of your concerns regarding seminar bookings."

Melanie Schrenk, Hotel Sales & Purschasing


Who books via seminargo?


Our customers come from all industries, whether small companies with fewer seminar bookings or Europe's top companies with more than thousands of seminars per year.

Our target group comes from the fields of management, human resources, personnel development, purchasing, marketing and sales.

Open Version
The seminargo booking system is an open version and therefore accessible for every company. The customers book at their conditions and prices. As a hotel, you decide yourself when to store which prices in the system.

Premium Version
There is also a Premium Version. This version is only available for Premium customers. These are well-known companies with a particularly large annual seminar volume (~ 200 events/year/company). Premium customers expect special conditions for this large volume, such as special prices and fixed cancellation conditions. Especially for these customers seminargo recommends a limited number of contract hotels (Partner- and Friends of seminargo).

"Do you have any questions? We are available for you!"

Milica Sosic, Head of Hotel Sales